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December 19, 2009


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This year I've been more active in the dA community since I joined four years ago, in doing so I've noticed the lack of exposure that the Literature category gets in the community. Don't get me wrong I love dA to death but it's about time I did my part in sharing with the community some works of beautiful literature that are too good to pass by!

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Fitting Right In
A male. I still can't believe it.
Ironic, really. Personally I think I've adapted fairly well to this new world where humans rule, the Underdark does not exist, strange gods lurk quietly in the background, and magic has been superseded by incredible science and technology. Hells above, I'm even using a PC to type these musings up.
And yet I simply cannot believe that the most powerful person in this world and the bearer of my goddess' mark is... a man. Who thought one could be so capable?
Poor old Priestess Allythus. She simply wouldn't be able to comprehend this place. Just the thought of a world where Lolth held no sway would make her tie someone down and whip them until she was damp in the leggings before she calmed down.
I almost miss the sadistic old bitch. Almost.
The hag always thought I was her pet, her trained attack lizard to be kept chained up until it was time to unleash it on the bitch's enemies. A loyal slave...
She forgot something: I am drow. We do not submit. We
The Day Everything ChangedThe Day Everything Changed in Room 116
Tommy Belstark was one of those kids who could never seem to catch a break. He did his homework, studied for exams, paid attention in class, and was loved by almost every teacher in school. That wasn't the problem, though. The problem was that almost every other kid in class picked on him. Tommy didn't care too much about it, though. He and his friend Francis, who also got teased a lot, had gotten used to it after awhile. Sure the other kids said some very mean things, but none of it was actually true, so why listen to it?
While he could ignore the teasers, Tommy had a real fear of something else: bullies. Tommy had seen plenty of bullies on TV and in cartoons, and they were all alike: big, ugly, and strong kids who pushed around smaller children, stole their lunch money, and stuffed them into lockers. Tommy was terrified of that happening to him, even though he always brought his lunch from home and his school didn't have a cafeteria OR lockers.
Ethereal Sensuality
I cannot deny your astral requests.
You take all that I can give.
I watch you pulse through me.
The thought of your body draws my energy.
My flesh cries out to touch you.
I take you in my veins.
I can feel your aura crashing against me.
My hands become possessed by your will.
I lay back and allow you to consume me.
The RendingYour love is a precious lie.
Your moans are my desires.
My fingers wrap themselves in your hair.
Your touch is a gentle toxin.
My eyes consume your lips
Your cries are my breathe.
Your sex is a tender death.
My body invades your thighs.
Your longing takes me in.
:thumb140818869: Its Who You Are.Every time I see your eyes
I see a glimpse of what truly lies;
A spark filled with gifts of thought
All your virtues, and all that you've sought,
From dreams to hopes, every despair
I can see all beneath the surface there.
Do not try to hide your past
Merely embrace it, that's all I ask.
You may think your less than what you're worth
Yet you always leave us in such mirth.
Never think you don't deserve my touch
I gave you something that matters much
And this is the future I see for you
Trust me it will ring forever true;
You will be in bliss, and hearts content
For past words I sincerely meant
I also know you will be a star
Simply put, its who you are.
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Don't be afraid; we all want to see beautiful work!

So, if you spot something you think is deserving, please follow the instructions above.

Beautiful Literature of 2009by MissMorticia

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